Roman and the Rosarys + DJ´s

Roman and the Rosarys + DJ´s
Samstag | 17. März 2018 | 21:00 Uhr

+ After Show Party

Roman and the Rosarys sind inspiriert von Amerikanischer Tanzmusik aus den späten 50er und frühen 60er Jahren: RHYTHM AND BLUES, weit vor der Zeit als R’n’B plötzlich die Abkürzung für Rhythm and Bullshit wurde, ROCK AND ROLL, aus einer Zeit als das „Roll“ noch den Gegenpol zum „Rock“ darstellte und POP aus einer Zeit, als die beiden vorherigen Genres an der Spitze der US Charts standen.

Redondo Beat brothers Roman and Max, all crazy about the Brill Building song writing and that late 50s/early 60s Pop infused Rhythm and Blues, had a little recording session before going on a month long European tour with Sky Saxon in late 2008…
While Roman’s “Full Moon Child” ended up on “Meet Redondo Beat” (Dionysus 2011), their versions of Sedaka/Greenfield’s “Since you’ve been Gone” and Pomus/Shuman’s “I Count the Tears” gave birth to a whole new thing: “Roman and the Rosarys”.

Adding Bass Guitar and Piano worked out fine in the studio, but for playing live as “the Rosarys” they needed a full band. Having nobody to play with and no time to lose, they simply called themselves the Rosary Brothers and started performing as a duo.
Equipped with Drums and Guitar, Bundeswehr Throat Microphones and a hypnotic Organ played by several woodblocks, they played a few crazy shows around Frankfurt and Heidelberg. Despite rave reactions from witnesses of these stripped down performances, they got tired of the limitations as a duo and eventually got their full band together.

Finally performing as “the Rosarys”, they were playing mostly local shows in Frankfurt and the Rhein – Main area with the Redondo Beat line-up. In 2012 they spent a few months in New Orleans with John and Mitch from the Haunted Hearts on Bass and Organ, playing a lot around and out of town in the Southern United States.

A version of Prince Conley’s “I’m going home”, as well as Roman’s “15 days, 15 nights”, was recorded for a 45 release that never saw the light of day. Another recording session ended with a broken tape machine and an erased drum track. Line-ups changed back and forth…some things just weren’t meant to be…yet!
But then suddenly the clouds went away and Jim Diamond came along to record their debut album at Living Room Sounds.
“Going home with…Roman and the Rosarys” is what you could call a concept album of 12 minor key dance numbers. It has a fair share of Roman’s Originals and early 60s R’n’B covers and is planned to be released soon!