Party & Konzert // Live: The Wrong Society + evtl. zweite Band

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Party & Konzert // Live: The Wrong Society + evtl. zweite Band
Freitag | 12. Oktober 2018 | 21:00 Uhr

Live: THE WRONG SOCIETY (moody 60s Garage/Psych from Hamburg) + evtl. zweite Band (tba)
+ AFTER-SHOW-PARTY mit den Herren Beat Becker und Bernie Bernaise an den Plattentellern!
To be free
Dark clouds
She destroyed me
Tell me you be mine
„The Wrong Society formed 2012 in Hamburg, Germany. They used to hide in the moody darkness of their homes and create their soul-tormented melodies and lyrics about the hopeless and bitter side of love, hate and disappointment. They play a blend of moody midsixties Garage and Psych, sounding like the B-side of an unknown 45 from New England, 1966. Their 2014 single „To Be Free / She’s The Girl“ got the attention from UK based, like-minded Garage Punk loner Paul Messis, who then released their next single „She Destroyed Me / Without You“ on his own label „Market Square Records“. After a release on 13 O’ Clock records from Austin, Texas, the 2018 single by The Wrong Society was again put out on Market Square Records. They use original equipment on their recordings and mix in analogue studios to create their unique moody teenbeat sound. The band now features a new member on bass: Joerg Korries who also plays in The Viceroyes is now plucking the strings of his Star Bass for The Wrong Society.“

Einlass ab 21h
Beginn Konzert 22h