Freitag | 19. Januar 2018 | 23:00 Uhr


fresh bookings from under the rose
no frills
dress up, dress down, come as u are


(house is ok / wilde renate) berlin

(OYE records / wilde renate) berlin


(ssub rosaa)


All eyes on HOMEBOY!
Originated somewhere between the underground of Frankfurt and the beautiful landscapes of Croatia, the labelboss of HOUSE IS OKAY, and SALON ZU WILDEN RENATE’s newest resident, is a pure force of joy, manifested onto the dancefloor through his powerful live and DJ sets. With artists like Roman Flügel, TCB or Kornel Kovas under the roof of his label, he ist also releasing his own productions on various outlets like there’s no tomorrow… all killer no filler!
Not to mention that he is one of the most fun sweethearts in the business – be sure to catch this guy at Europe’s most renowned Festivals and Clubs in 2018.

THE VANDELAYS – a verified and tested lovebomb – hailing from the depths of OYE RECORDS crates and the infamous SALON ZUR WILDEN RENATE, these two have an infinte repertoire of dancefloor bangers you’ve never heard in your life. Make sure to put on your good dacing shoes and tie them up tight!

BASTI FABEL does not need any further introduction – Kassels House-OG, turntable technician and our first choice for the most important and challenging part of the night – the warm up! Smoove and easy!

Balancing out the equation on the other end, ROLLERCOASTER KAI will turn down the tempo, for an eclectic journey into a world of slow vibrations to guide you out of the night


For us, the essence of recorded sound is the amount of
memories, information and emotion, we can store in a single track and send it through time and space.

To let the crowd experience these memories, information and emotion , collectively and with the highest intensity – interconnected within a recursive, musical narrative, that writes itself while it’s being told – is paramount.

Sneak a peek into a potential life – encrypted into an abstract formula made out of sound – and dance with us to it.