Oldseed · Kassel · Boreal

Oldseed · Kassel · Boreal
Mittwoch | 21. August 2019 | 20:00 Uhr

oldseed is all about the art of the build. if you let him, he will suck you right into his world; delicate, explosive, often times quite raw but definitely on point. finely honed without ever sounding slick. above all else, his music is honest.

over the past decade or so, oldseed has become an anti-hero for the truly indie-minded folk in the music world. from the very beginning, oldseed (craig bjerring) set out to incorporate the philosophy of the 80’s d.i.y. movement (sst, discord) and go back even further musically to the bardic tradition. he has developed a strong body of work and a huge network of fans and friends worldwide.
oldseed has played well over 1200 shows. he’s played everywhere from kitchens to concert halls. 30 countries and counting.
he has made 8 albums in total (plus a live cd and a split 7″).
he has shared the stage with howe gelb, shearwater, smog, lambchop, holly golightly, scott kelly (neurosis), john baizley (baroness), mike watt and andy kerr (nomeansno) to name a few.


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